Looking For Family Advice

I apologize again for being absent. Life has been crazy for me. I haven’t even had a chance to read all the amazing things you all have been writing about. I feel awful that I’ve been silent for quite a while.

My hope is to turn that around and get back on track. But life doesn’t seem to be slowing down for me.

I am looking for some advice though if anyone is able to help me out. My mother got hip replacement surgery last Monday the 15 and is going into a depression. She is getting frustrated that she is not able to really do anything other than sit or lay down. She wants to be productive but is unable to. She has always been a busy body. She was 300 pounds 6 years ago and has lost 150 pounds. I am so proud of her. She’s terrified that she will gain all that weight back.

Is there anything that I can do with her to get her active or make her feel productive? She needs something. I am scared of what will happen if she continues to slip into this depression.

All help and advice is greatly appreciated and encouraged. Thank you for reading this post. I hope you all had a fabulous Easter.

Published by Ashleyhouck

I’m a stay at home mom to 3 wonderful angels and many fur babies.

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  1. Healing IS productive, but I get that she’s fed up and bored. Watching my husband recover from his broken hip was hard, but he seemed to embrace the rest — he works way too hard. And he was able to do things on the computer and to read, both of which gave him plenty to do as his body healed. The only thing I can think of is that if her depression is severe, she may need to see a doctor. Medication might help her get through this.

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    1. I am hoping that as she goes through physical therapy, she will feel better because she’ll be able to move from small moments and exercises to more challenging ones. This is just so hard for me to see since she is very positive and optimistic. I have depression. I was diagnosed almost 9 years ago and it’s a huge struggle for me. I don’t want to see her go down the same path as me.

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      1. I totally get that! My father has just been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition different from the one I have, but now I know that many of the struggles he’s had in the past really are just like mine, and I feel for him. Like you, I hope he doesn’t let this health problem lead to depression.


    1. Unfortunately, she is not able to be submerged in water yet. She still has staples in her leg and can’t shower quite yet. But perhaps I could discuss that with her doctor once the staples are out. Thank you for the idea!

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  2. Thank you for sharing, does your mother enjoy reading. Get her an inspirational book maybe of stories of others who have gone through trying times and how they came through it. Hopefully, this will uplift and encourage her as she moves forward in her recovery. Are there any support groups she could become apart of? I imagine as she goes through rehab she will be able to move around more. Have her start writing in a journal each day writing down her thoughts, this will be something she can look back on to see how far she has come. Just some suggestions hope it helps.

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    1. Thank you so much for your suggestions. We live in a small town so there aren’t any support groups around here. She starts physical therapy today so that should help her get active. She does love to read, but doesn’t want to sit still so that is the biggest problem we are running into. I will suggest the journaling to her though. That may help her vent.


  3. bless you for loving your mom so much that you are willing to ask for suggestions. you are right, you want to keep you spirits up…….she must understand that she has had major surgery only a week ago……..it takes time to heal. is she receiving physical therapy? Does she like to read? do needlework? maybe put on an uplifting movie, play music that she enjoys, encourage her to take this time to write to others who would love to hear from her. I hope some of this may help….

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    1. She is starting physical therapy this morning. She does enjoy crafty things and reading, but her biggest frustration is being confined to a chair. She doesn’t want to just sit around all day so she doesn’t want to do anything crafty or watch movies or read. She is scared to just sit around all day. I can understand her fear. I’m just having a hard time finding something for her to do that will raise her spirits.

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