Happy First Day of Spring

I love the coming of spring. I don’t have a favorite season, but I love when the seasons first change. There is always an almost magical feeling when the seasons are first changing. Spring is a very beautiful time of year when everything starts coming back to life after a cold winter.

Spring brings so many wonderful things. First it’s warmer so I can spend hours outside. My kids enjoy going to park and going for walks. We still do this in the winter but it’s much harder because some days are bitter cold. I am also looking forward to planting my garden. It’s going to be wonderful to see my yard come back to life. I am looking forward to starting my mornings with the many animals that visit my yard. My kids love to help feed the birds, rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks. We also have deer that pass through, a fox family that visits every summer, and a ground hog that likes to stay for a short while. There are numerous neighborhood cats that like to nap in our front yard in the sun.

Spring brings a feeling of new beginnings and happiness. I may not have a favorite season, but I do look forward to the nice weather.

What is your favorite season?

Published by Ashleyhouck

I’m a stay at home mom to 3 wonderful angels and many fur babies.

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  1. Happy Spring! And thanks for finding my blog at Roughwighting, reading, and commenting. We bloggers know how much that means. Spring to mean is a season that gives a reason to smile. Winter is over! (I love all seasons but… winter.) πŸ™‚

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