Feeling Proud

On Saturday my 5 year old son had his first Jui Jitsu Tournament through NAGA. He has been training at my sister’s gym, Hybrid Fit Gym, since December 2017. He was training MMA until this past January. He started Jui Jitsu and fell in love.

My brother in law is his Coach and has told me multiple times that he has a natural talent. It warms my heart to hear those kind words. My sister and brother in law approached me about this tournament and at first I said absolutely not. I was so nervous to have him compete because I didn’t want him to get hurt. He had only been training for a month and I didn’t think he could possibly be ready in such a short time.

After being asked by my brother in law and my son for 2 weeks I finally gave in and said yes. We woke up at the crack of dawn and made the long drive to the tournament. We got to see other kids competing no-gi and gi. It did not help to reassure me or calm my nerves. It was very interesting to watch but I was not ready for my son to compete.

When it was my son’s turn to go I was so nervous. I felt like my heart was beating out of my chest. He had to go against 2 kids. I told him that it didn’t matter if he won or lost as long as he tried his best and listened to his coach.

Well he tried his best and listened to his coach and won. He got first place in his weight bracket. It was incredible to watch. He has grown up so much. I don’t watch him practice at the gym because he can get distracted easily. So I didn’t get to see how well he did. He was so proud of himself and so happy that he actually won. He got to choose either a gold medal or a sword. Well he is a 5 year old kid so of course he chose a sword.

I am still feeling so proud. He truly amazes me every day. He has shown such great commitment and determination. I look forward to his other tournaments. Hopefully in May he’ll be competing again!!!

Published by Ashleyhouck

I’m a stay at home mom to 3 wonderful angels and many fur babies.

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    1. I try my very best to make sure he and my other 2 kids know that they are loved and supported through everything. I didn’t always have that growing up so I want them to never wonder.


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