The start of a short story.

I look at the town I’ve called home for most of my as I drive down Main Street. As I approach the last intersection heading out of town I stop at the final stop sign. I look in the rear view mirror and ask myself if I’m ready to do this. To change things forever. To truly be on my own. I put on my turn signal and push the gas heading to my new future.

After driving for two hours, I have to stop and get gas. Before I left I emptied all the bank accounts. All I had to pay with was cash so I wouldn’t be tracked. I pull on my baseball cap and jacket and head inside.

At the counter, the cashier, a young female in her early twenties, smiled at me as I approached. “Good afternoon”, she said still smiling. “Hello”, I answered back hoping she wouldn’t ask too many questions because I didn’t have the right answer. “Fifty on pump five please”, I say to her handing over the cash. “Of course. Where are you headed”, she asked ringing up my gas. “Just following the roads. A spontaneous vacation”, I say quickly just wanting to get out of there before she got suspicious. “Have a good one”, she said as I left to pump my gas.

The pump was all set to go when I got back to my car and I prayed that it wouldn’t take too long to get back on the road. I only had five more hours to get as much distance between me and my hometown. I had to go as far as I could before I was found to be gone. I that I’m six hours it wouldn’t be safe for me. I finished pumping and jumped in my car.

I had no idea where to go but I knew I had to just keep going forward. The further I went the easier it would be to start over. At the next red light I decided to turn right and follow that as far as I could. Wherever I ended up by night fall is where I would start my life over.

I stopped every two hours to fuel up. I didn’t stop to eat because I didn’t want to be seen by too many people. I had to keep my exposure to a minimum. I couldn’t let anyone identify who I was.

By five o’clock I was starting to get nervous. I knew in the next hour it was going to be discovered that I was gone and I just couldn’t risk being found. I had to just keep going as fast and far as I possibly could.

Nightfall arrived as I entered Crestwood Kentucky. “Well”, I said as I looked in the rear view mirror, “this is it. This is where I start over new.” I set out looking for a place to rest up before I had to find somewhere to establish myself.

This is my start of a short story that I am hoping to submit to a writing contest. How does it sound so far? I have some research to do so I can continue writing. Any input is welcomed.

Published by Ashleyhouck

I’m a stay at home mom to 3 wonderful angels and many fur babies.

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  1. Well I love the start but in the UK she’d have to worry about ANPR. Automatic numberplate recognition. The police would be able to access the numerous highway cameras to track her movements so would those she’s fleeing be able to access the police? Does she need to dump the motor?

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      1. Does she own it or is it registered to someone else? Have her stop in a town with a railway and bus services. Park near one. Make a scene when buying a ticket and wear something noticeable as she boards train/bus. Then change leave if poss by different exit, go to alternate transport hub and catch train/bus in opposite direction.

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