Separation Anxiety?

My husband works for a business that sends a select few employees on a luxurious vacation every year as part of the presidents club. This year my husband was one of the chosen few. This trip is a plus one invitation. He asked me to accompany him and I said yes. This is going to be way out of my comfort zone because I don’t do much traveling and I don’t know any of the people he works with.

This is such a great opportunity for him especially since he hopes to move up in the company. The downside is we could not bring our children. Babies go through a phase where they have separation anxiety from their parents. My daughter has been suffering from this since she was born. I have been with her every second of the day since she was born because I’m a stay at home mom. I am getting so anxious about this trip. We don’t leave for a couple more months, but I am already having second thoughts. It sounds silly to think that I am having separation anxiety just thinking about leaving my babies.

I know they are going to be perfectly fine because they will be with family. I just worry that they will get anxious about us leaving them. I very rarely have anyone babysit them which may be the problem. I’m sure they won’t be too worried about us being gone on this trip. I’m just stressing out so bad. This can’t be normal.

Any thoughts on how to combat this?

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I’m a stay at home mom to 3 wonderful angels and many fur babies.

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  1. I would orchestrate a couple times where you and your husband can go out and leave the kids with a babysitter–someone you know will show the kids a great time!–so they get used to the idea. Sounds like a great opportunity for you and your husband, professionally and personally–right?–but it’s totally normal to be nervous. I was a wreck the first time I left my boys on an overnight. Cried all the way out the driveway, but then I was fine–and had a wonderful time, as did they!

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    1. I am taking this advice. I have already set up some play dates for my kids to start getting them used to going and being without us. It’s only for a few hours but it’ll be good for them and I could use it too to get used to being on my own. Being a stay at home mom has caused me to choose to pass up opportunities to go and do on my own because I’d rather be with them.

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  2. Start Facetime type moments with them as soon as possible, starting with you being at home with them first, like a game. They may become comfortable with the substitute version of you before you leave and them while on your trip, you can both feel better with still having visual contact.

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