A New Challenge

So I’ve decided to make a new challenge for myself. This is one that is making me nervous just thinking about.

A little back story, my oldest son and I have a very strong bond. I have a great bond with all my kids, but for the beginning of my oldest son’s life it was just he and I. I always tell him he is my hero because he saved me from a very dark situation. Without him I don’t know if I would have come out of it. So he is my little hero. He loves super hero’s such as Batman and captain America (thank you Auntie Bry Bry). I’m not into superhero’s. I have nothing against anyone who likes them. I even support my one in his love of superheroes which is apparent by the millions of superhero toys he has in his room. I just can’t get over how unrealistic it is. So nothing bad for anyone who likes them. I read Batman books to my kids and play superheroes with them and dress up and everything.

Now back to my point. Because my oldest son loves superheroes and he is my hero, I’ve decided to write a children’s book for him. I want to give it to him as a birthday present. Why am I so nervous you ask? Because, other than this blog, I have not shared my writing with anyone. Not even my children. Before now, I was not confident in my writing and didn’t want anyone to tell me it was terrible or that I should choose a different dream. But, since this year is all about challenging myself and getting out of my shell, I’ve decided to go for it. His birthday is in October so I have plenty of time. But I hope to get it done soon so I can share it with all of you and get some critiques before I give it to him.

What is some advice you all have for me in my quest to making a superhero book? I’m wanting to make it a little more realistic. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. Share your thoughts.

Published by Ashleyhouck

I’m a stay at home mom to 3 wonderful angels and many fur babies.

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  1. Ok Ashley, you can ignore this if it’s not for you. I’d guess from my experience of kids that they love the ideal of magical as opposed to realistic superpowers so if you can make the super power seem magical at the start – say the SH is always there to stop the small kid running out in the road or the old lady dropping her valuable vase so he/she must have special vision or something but then we find out that it’s all about something real – like just taking the time to watch out for people that works. Even better of course is if you can leave it a little ambiguous at the end so it might be more than a real power just to tease the child imagination… there you go, hope you are fun writing it. That’s probably the most important thing to remember. You’re doing this for you as much as your lad so remember to enjoy it!

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  2. You got some great advice below, Ashley, particularly about reading other children’s books for what excites him and you. And I love the idea of ways kids can be superheroes without special powers. Kindness, sharing, making others smile or laugh, hugs, being able to read, building fortresses of the imagination – All superpowers in my book!! (Pun intended). Go for it. Your son will love it. 🙂

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  3. I assume by “realistic” you want the super power to be something a person could actually have (unlike the ability to fly or turn invisible). Think about virtues you admire and imagine how you might exaggerate one. Make your hero super kind, or super honest, or super friendly and see what happens. Pretty sure a trait taken to an extreme will have some drawbacks, but it should have some advantages, too. Good luck!

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    1. Yes that’s exactly what I mean. I want it to be something that my son sees is something we all have already. I hope to teach him with this book that anyone can be a “superhero” and that you don’t need to have super strength or laser eyes to help those in need.


      1. Wanting super powers is very human. Kids (and adults) want to believe in them so they can feel invincible and safe in a world where they have little control. Superheroes are mythic figures, their stories modern myths. They have their place but I understand why you want your son to see the heroes all around us.

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      2. I agree with you and want him to have an imagination and have a safe place in his creativity, but with the world how it is today, I want him to know heroes all around including himself can make a difference.


  4. Yes, read books that are age-range appropriate and take note of ones that really make him light up! My quite introverted and quiet kid became another kid entirely when he was going through the superhero stage. (Both of my boys did.) For some reason, a cape (and sometimes also a Batman mask) made him come out of his shell. He loved his cape so much, we had to have two identical ones because he slept in it. Fun days. He’ll love your book, I’m sure!

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    1. Thank you so much. He loves to dress up and play superheroes and he loves reading his Batman books. I am so excited to see him open my book and get lost in the pages. He loves to read and is getting quite good at it. This will be such a perfect gift for him! I’m so happy to hear your boy enjoys superheroes as well.


  5. Great idea! I would recommend that you read a few of the comics and also that you focus on writing a story which teaches him a lesson which you think is important, such as the super hero helping people or standing up to bullies. Good luck!

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