Challenging Myself

Part of my New Years resolution to find my happiness is to challenge myself. So I took the next step and signed up for an obstacle course race. It’s not something I would normally do but my sister owns a gym and was asking people to join her team so my husband and I both registered for this race. We’re both quite nervous but extremely excited. The race is in July but I registered now so I wouldn’t chicken out. Stay posted and I will let you all know how it goes.

What are some new challenges you have decided to take up?

Published by Ashleyhouck

I’m a stay at home mom to 3 wonderful angels and many fur babies.

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  1. That sounds like fun. The last time I did an obstacle course was at the army barracks. I was in college and our class went to the local barracks to see what they had to do to pass their training, I was not good lol I couldn’t get over the wall for love nor money!

    As for challenges, I’ve decided to stretch my boundaries and start making video classes. While I won’t be on camera, having my voice recorded is enough to make me anxious but I want to give it a try 😊

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    1. That sounds great! What are your classes for?

      I have never done any obstacle courses so I’m very anxious. It’s great that you were able to that obstacle course even if you did not do well. I think it’s still a fun experience

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